Outlook Express Backup Tiger

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Скачать Outlook Express Backup Tiger бесплатно с архива. Outlook Express Backup Tiger относится к категории Системные утилиты.

Наша антивирусная программа проверила эту загрузку и признала ее полностью «чистой» от вирусов. Размер файла последней версии пакета установки 755 KB.

От разработчика:

What would happen if all your e-mail messages, e-mail account settings,
identities and address books suddenly disappeared from your computer? How
much effort would it take to get it all back? Would you be able to return
everything? Probably not. You might recover some addresses from your memory,
notes and business cards. But the rest of the addresses you'd have to
resurrect from scratch.

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