Sword With Sauce

Choose your weapon, gadgets and the play style to defeat enemies

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Операционная система:Windows XP/7/8/10/Vista
Последняя версия:2.3.2
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Pick weapons from a wide selection and customize the outfit with gadgets then hunt the enemies on various maps. Play as a stealth assassin or go weapon blazing on enemies. Try to sneak around the level detection system to earn massive bonuses that will contribute to the general score.

Версия 2.3.2 Sword With Sauce предоставлена бесплатно на нашем сайте. Программа принадлежит к категории Игры, а точнее к подкатегории Экшен. Этот файл загрузки был просканирован нашим встроенным антивирусом, который отметил его как надежный для скачивания.

От разработчика:

Sword With Sauce is a first-person combat game in which you use a samurai sword and various gadgets to take down enemies who are patrolling a house. To help you along your way there is a large selection of gadgets and weaponry to assassinate your targets in any way you like. You can either go in guns blazing or take a more delicate approach as you sneak your way around the level avoiding detection.

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